Reboot and reloaded.


READY PLAYER TWO - Federation Force on 3DS may not have been universally accepted, but a Metroid Prime sequel on Switch with full campaign co-op could be incredible. Nintendo could expand Samus’ selection of allies, offering fresh narrative opportunities. Co-op specific puzzles could also work really well, alongside boss battles with scalable difficulty.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Being able to scrunch Samus into her trademark Morph Ball and zip around levels on the GameCube was always a treat. I’d love to see an expanded moveset. The possibilities here are endless. If Nintendo can find a way to introduce brand new or upgraded abilities that expand the traversal mechanics, then MP4 will be a joy [con] to control.

CLEAR CHOICES - Metroid Prime was a first person shooter, with third person elements. This should absolutely be retained.

In a delightful fan pleasing dose of E3 hype, Nintendo dropped the big one and announced Metroid Prime 4 in 2017. That unmistakable font was enough to wet the appetite of even the most sceptical of early Switch adopters. However, even though the surprise reveal created a frenzy of anticipation, it contained no further information and was followed by swift radio silence. Despite no gameplay being shown, the prospect of recording to our logbooks and blasting Ridley on the go was (and still is) very exciting. But what exactly IS this game going to be? Do they stick with the formula? Or is this a Breath of the Wild style reinvention? And then the bombshell. The sequel had been rebooted, back at Retro Studios, and re imagined from the ground up. We knew nothing before, and we’re still none the wiser.

GO DARK OR GO HOME - The Prime series has traditionally indulged a darker vibe, which again was something that ‘Other M’ seemed to omit, in favour of almost Bayonetta style, over the top action. Nintendo should embrace a more intense, mature tone. Prime 4 should not be aimed at the younger element. I think to do so would be a huge misstep.

WAGGLE AIN’T WELCOME - If they’re included as an option, motion controls are… fine. Some players may even prefer them. However, developer Panic Button’s recent Doom port proves a traditional stick controlled shooter can work exceptionally well on the Switch hardware. Nintendo should keep things simple and make your thumbs the default option.

POINTLESS MINIGAMES - Please don’t do it. They destroy the pacing, and redundant puzzles infuriate me.

The 3DS remake was a delight. More of that please!

GEO MOD MY METROID - Is destructible scenery too much to ask? If Fortnite can do it, then so can Samus. This would be an incredible addition, and something that might help dispel some of the myths surrounding the Switch’s raw horsepower. In the right hands, Nintendo’s hybrid machine is no slouch, and a clever implementation of this tech could work wonders.

TEAM BASED TIC TACS - I’d love to see a true competitive, team based multiplayer mode in a Metroid game. It would be a great way to extend its reach into broader circles, especially with Nintendo’s recent push into the eSports scene thanks to Arms and Splatoon. I know it’s unlikely, but a man can dream!

DEATH BEARD - Make the villain an evil version of Samus from the Mirror Universe. Complete with Spock’s goatee.

THE BASICS - The long awaited sequel to the Gamecube trilogy, Metroid Prime 4 is the next mainline entry in the series.

PLATFORMS - Switch (exclusive)

PLAYERS - Offline - TBC, Online - TBC

CO-OP? MULTIPLAYER? - Unknown. Although considering the hardware, multiplayer is very likely to be included.

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT - We hope so! The potential for new story content or expanded multiplayer is massive.

PIPE DREAMS? - This is an opportunity for us to dream big, with a wish list of features and ideas for brand new game announcements, as well as debating the possibilities of how a series could evolve in the future. Sometimes we’ll even speculate and pitch ideas for games that haven’t been formally revealed. The Crystal Ball section is for potential gameplay mechanics, and things we’d like to see. Toxic Waste is a cautionary list of things to avoid, and Hail Mary is a collection of wild theories and/or ridiculous ideas that probably won’t be in the game… but it’s fun to dream big!

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