Survival of the fittest.


VARIATION IS THE SPICE OF LIFE - I’d love a greater selection of mission types, to break up the campaign. Some of the optional content in Wildlands was hugely forgettable. Some co-op specific encounters, with asymmetric elements, could be amazing, with each player in your squad handling different objectives whilst working towards a single goal.  

BLAM BLAM SHOOTY TIME - As a primarily third person shooter, weapon feedback is a crucial factor that can make or break immersion. I’d really like to see improvements made to the audio design across the board. The power of current hardware can more than support it, and I’ve always felt that Ghost Recon has been traditionally lacking in this area.

CUSTOM SAFE HOUSES - It would be fantastic fun if we could build our own safe house, that could be shared with friends.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is simultaneously safe and surprising. The runaway success of Wildlands meant a sequel on this generation of hardware was essentially a given. But the approach Ubisoft are taking here is definitely skewing away from recent efforts, evoking the survival elements of Operation: Flashpoint with a drop of Splinter Cell. The announced mechanics support these comparisons. Accumulated injuries, managing stamina, hiding bodies; there’s a sense that Breakpoint isn’t just trying to be a dependable sequel, and is instead looking to push things further. There has definitely been a pattern of evolution from the French publisher’s titles of late. The recent Watch Dogs: Legion announcement, with its vast NPC simulation. Beyond Good and Evil 2, despite a confirmed no show appearance at E3 2019, is massively ambitious. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint looks set to continue that trend.

CONSISTENT PROGRESSION - Ubisoft’s wildly inconsistent implementation of campaign co-op across many of its titles is something that absolutely has to be addressed here. For every common sense usage like The Division, you’ll get a Far Cry 5, with it’s ‘guest’ style system where progress is only retained by the host player. Here’s hoping Breakpoint will follow the former’s blueprint.

DENSITY DOESN’T WORK - I often feel like I have to buy the tie in novel, or watch the short film, or unlock the mysteries of the ARG in order to fully understand the narrative in a Ubisoft game. Breakpoint needs to scale back its ambition in this regard, and allow its story to breathe without requiring players to invest dozens of hours outside the game. That stuff should be optional.

CHARACTERS THAT MATTER - An extended cast with dozens of characters doesn’t work. Focus on a core group, and simplify.

Being able to carry / hide bodies is a fantastic addition. And very Splinter Cell… HMM…

GEO MOD THIS SITUATION - Wildlands flirted with the notion of destructible scenery, with certain key parts of encampments that could be breached and broken apart. But, with the sheer horsepower of this current gen, I’d love to see fully realised environmental interactivity, on the level of something like Rainbow Six Siege or Red Faction.

EMBRACE THE CRAZY - If the single player campaign is shooting for increased realism and a grittier tone (whatever that really means), a whole mess of weird multiplayer modes that don’t take themselves so seriously would make for a welcome palette cleanser. I think anything could be fair game here. Less Battle Royale. More Grifball.

CHEAT MODE - A big open world game like this is screaming for a low gravity esque set of cheats. Let us spawn a tank!

THE BASICS - Tactical third person shooter, with 4 player co-op and renewed emphasis on survival elements.


PLAYERS - Offline - 1, Online - Co-Op (4), PvP (TBC)

CO-OP? MULTIPLAYER? - Full campaign co-op, and versus multiplayer. Character customisation and progression is retained across modes.

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT - A whole mess of campaign content updates, multiplayer additions, and eventually Raids have been promised.

PIPE DREAMS? - This is an opportunity for us to dream big, with a wish list of features and ideas for brand new game announcements, as well as debating the possibilities of how a series could evolve in the future. Sometimes we’ll even speculate and pitch ideas for games that haven’t been formally revealed. The Crystal Ball section is for potential gameplay mechanics, and things we’d like to see. Toxic Waste is a cautionary list of things to avoid, and Hail Mary is a collection of wild theories and/or ridiculous ideas that probably won’t be in the game… but it’s fun to dream big!

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