Make it so.


‘Discovery’ has literally spent an entire season attempting to unshackle from the confines of established Star Trek lore. There’s nothing inherently wrong with respecting what’s come before. Infact, I think it’s important to respect fan investment. But if you’re going to revive a beloved character, make references to the past without needing to tread familiar ground. The opportunity here for something fresh is incredibly exciting.


The big element that I think ‘Discovery’ got wrong was the sudden inexplicably advanced tech in a pre-Kirk era. No, I’m not talking about the set design. I’m talking about hologram viewscreens, automated ‘Wall-E’ style repair drones, and the freakin’ spore drive. This new Picard series is only 20 years after Nemesis, and while new technology would absolutely exist, I don’t need a sudden quantum leap in available gadgetry just for the sake of it.

Star Trek is in a confusing period of renewed possibility, and also simultaneously a bizarre form of limbo. While ‘Discovery’ continues to make waves, having just wrapped a much more confident second season, the rebooted movie arm of the franchise has ground to a halt. After contract negotiations with the two Chris’ (Pine and Hemsworth) reportedly broke down, the JJ-verse has all but gone in the drawer. Meanwhile, a third season of Discovery (to the future!), A Michelle Yeoh led Section 31 spinoff (yes please), an adult animated series (genius), and a Nickelodeon animated series (okay…), are all on the cards. The TV arm of this 50+ year juggernaut has never looked healthier, and yet, the gem in this vast slate of announcements is Patrick Stewart’s return as Picard. Star Trek is finally breaking its contemporary obsession with prequels (thank Q!), with a post Nemesis TV sequel already well into production.

The best part: we have absolutely no idea what to expect. Stewart himself has hinted that the character will have been affected by 20 years of offscreen history, as we pick up this new adventure in [sort of] realtime since Picard was last on [any] screen. The possibilities for infinite diversity, in infinite combination, are as certain as a cup of tea, earl grey, hot, and so we’ve broken down our hopes and dreams for this as yet untitled TV sequel.


It’s fair to say the first thing on everyone’s mind is how many Next Gen cameo’s are we going to get sprinkled throughout this first season. Of all the characters I’d like to see return, Captain Riker is easily at the top of that list. His unseen adventures on the Titan offer huge flashback potential, and it wouldn’t feel right having Picard back in the chair without his Number One.


While I’m very excited to see legacy elements from the Next Gen era make a return, either in the form of characters or lingering plot threads, I’d want this new Picard story to set its own course. What does the Federation look like 20 years after Nemesis? Is he even still a Captain?

We’ve made too many compromises already. Too many retreats.

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