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Avengers: Endgame is an emotional, jaw dropping finale that will go down in cinematic history as one of the greats.




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*Reviewed in 2D and IMAX 3D, with tickets purchased by The Cantina Club*

The biggest crowd pleasing moments (and broadest character arc) are reserved for Chris Evans’ Captain America, who, much like Downey, has never been better than he is here. Again, no spoilers will be shared, but Steve Rodgers has a fantastic role in Endgame, in perhaps an answer to ‘Infinity War’ critics that felt he was under served. As far the extended cast is concerned, Nebula [surprisingly] is a massively critical element to the plot, but it works, while Captain Marvel, Okoye, Rhodey, and Rocket are very much supporting players.

The whole thing culminates in a closing act that delivers on every level; visual fidelity, emotional stakes, and surprising twists that improbably coalesce into an ending that will leave even the most stalwart, hard to impress viewer feeling wholly satisfied. This is a true filmmaking achievement, and despite the impossible levels of hype and fan expectation, Marvel Studios have made it look easy. They’ve set the bar incredibly high for themselves, but that makes sense given the MCU’s constant tendency toward reinvention. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

For all of their story telling prowess and directorial finesse, the Russo brothers have succeeded with Avengers: Endgame in a way I never thought possible. This movie (and it’s equally successful predecessor, ‘Infinity War’) managed to bring together a talking Racoon, a blue cybernetic assassin, a dude named CAPTAIN AMERICA, among two dozen other well defined, meaningful characters that populate this ever expanding universe, and STILL tell a great story. As a long time Marvel fan, there was never any doubt that this triumphant event would be my film of the year, especially since I’ve already dedicated all the hours to the previous twenty one adventures. But it’s here, in the endgame, that that same absurd collection of characters truly came into their own, with a surprising and satisfying finale that wraps up this first chapter and propels us into the next.

Endgame felt effortlessly cohesive, despite juggling a complex plot and the aforementioned unending supply of heroes. Its biggest achievement is a three hour runtime that felt like two; the pacing is absolutely spot on, despite the much slower, character developing opening act. For obvious reasons, plot specifics will not be discussed here (go and see the movie already!), but suffice to say, much of the online speculation regarding certain legacy elements of the MCU are bang on. Endgame is a celebration of everything that came before, and puts the original six Avengers front and centre. However, there’s a whole mess of cameo’s (many of which you won’t see coming), and a final act which consistently subverts expectation.

Robert Downey Jr. has never been better, with a nuanced, MCU best performance as Tony Stark. This could easily be an ‘Iron Man 4’, with the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (his words) at the centre of the narrative. Chris Hemsworth continues the [very much appreciated] comedic evolution of Thor from his most recent solo effort, ‘Ragnarok’. His character arc in ‘Endgame’ is wonderful, and much like Taika Watiti’s brilliant deconstruction of the previously one note warrior, the more dramatic elements are retained and feel totally earned. Perhaps the biggest change of the entire core cast is Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, taking on the mantel of Ronin and elevating himself beyond just being a supporting player. He features heavily in Endgame, and the subplot involving his family continues to resonate following their introduction in ‘Age of Ultron’. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk takes a very unexpected turn, especially considering where he was left at the end of ‘Infinity War’, while Scarlett Johansson is still undoubtedly a scene stealer as Black Widow.

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