Jay Tee has been talking about and playing video games since Primary School, and has a long history of journalistic, opinion based writing. Thanks to his best friend, Mike Hazleton, Jay Tee was able to pursue his childhood wish of writing about the very medium he adored so much. He became Sub Editor to Mike’s The Gaming Shack Network (TGSN.co.uk). The website achieved a great deal, with review code support from big publishers like EA and Ubisoft, regular trips to press only events in London (including the BAFTA’s), and interviews with developers from Team Ninja, LucasFilm, and Ubisoft Red Storm Entertainment.

He ran his own enthusiast press site site, JTGA, which launched in April 2016, producing both written and video content. JTGA was the next step toward what eventually became thatHITBOX - a collection of freelance writing, news commentary, YouTube and Podcast content, and editorial opinion pieces. He was hired by AltChar Games as a freelance writer in 2019, and his thatHITBOX project continues to evolve.

He has also been teaching drama for over a decade, and has written / directed over twenty original youth theatre productions. He ran his own drama school, the 'Jay Tee Performance Academy', for five years, in both Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and Stoke Newington in East London. He forged partnerships with the New York Film Academy, NY, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and is currently the creative director for Micha Blue's 'Hackney Youth Performance Academy' in East London.

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Writer / Podcasts & Shows


Writer / Podcasts & Shows


Writer / Podcasts & Shows

thatHITBOX writes about all things video games, with a focus on opinion pieces, news commentary, and freelance coverage.

Our partner site, AltChar, publishes news articles, reviews, hands on previews, and interviews.

Our mission statement is clear:

Produce high quality written content that invites healthy conversation and debate within the framework of an open, inclusive space.

thatHITBOX isn’t driven by crunch, or the need to be first.

We want to be something interesting, but also something different.

thatHITBOX is only for everyone.


thatHITBOX is only for everyone. We take that idea very seriously. This community will be defined by kindness. We are absolutely steadfast in our resolve that this is a safe space for anyone to indulge their passion and creativity, regardless of their background or identity.

That means any abusive, racist, homophobic, or any other form of personally offensive remarks left in the comments of our articles, sent to our social media accounts, or e-mailed to any of our staff members will not be tolerated.

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We use a simple “out of 5” rating criteria for all reviews. We feel this is the clearest, simplest representation of overall quality.

- 1 out of 5 is BAD. Really bad. Maybe it’s the worst. Bottom line: something with this rating is a waste of your time and money.

- 2 out of 5 is OK. It might have some half decent ideas, but the execution misses the mark and falls short.

- 3 out of 5 is GOOD. Something with this rating is absolutely worth checking out, but it’s flawed with a couple of mis-steps.

- 4 out of 5 is GREAT. A positive, varied experience, with plenty of reasons to invest. Even if it’s just shy of perfection.

- 5 out of 5 is FANTASTIC. To put it simply, something with this rating comes highly recommended, and is pretty much close to perfect.


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